The Odyssey Foundation was established by Ross Mitchell, a high-tech entrepreneur who was inspired by a science school trip at age 13 to engage in a life-long path of discovery into the physical sciences and create innovative communication technologies that have enhanced the world around him. The objective of the Foundation is to give adolescents the same opportunity by engaging, stimulating and mentoring them in the areas of science, technology and mathematics.  Launched in 2004 with an annual budget of $500,000, the Foundation is seeking to expand and continually improve its programs, with the longer-term aim of sustainability through additional sponsorships.

The Odyssey Schools Program is the Foundation’s flagship initiative that enables educators within public schools to enrich the learning experience for students aged 12 to 15.  By funding innovative and imaginative enhancements to their Science, Technology and Mathematics Programs, the Odyssey Foundation hopes to reverse the trend of declining enrolments in post - secondary science programs.  Each Odyssey school receives up to $25,000 over a three to five year period to implement a program unique to their school.  Dedicated and enthusiastic educators develop programs that will be most beneficial to their students’ needs and create lasting positive impacts.

The Odyssey Career Discovery is a Foundation initiative that provides Odyssey students with the opportunity to visit technology-based companies, key research organizations and post-secondary institutes.  These visits are designed to educate and inspire students in various scientific and technical fields, ultimately resulting in better-informed educational and career choices. Acting as a broker between Odyssey Schools and interested organizations, the Foundation creates opportunities for exploration and pays the travel costs connected with these visits.

For more information please contact Cheryl Kristiansen, Managing Director at: 604-889-0530 or

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